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All our products are designed to be different, to be noticed and, above all, to be loved. No matter where you live, whether a spacious house or a cosy flat, our collections look to bring a little splash of happiness to every room. We believe a few smart touches can truly transform the personality of any home.

In perfect partnership

We put a lot of effort into getting to know every single one of our suppliers. We visit each of them regularly to ensure the products we create are not only of the highest quality but are made responsibly by a happy team.

Inspired by
our travels

Whether close to home or far away, our design collections take inspiration from the wonderfully different places we have discovered along the way. After all, isn't that what life's all about?

"All our products are designed to be noticed but, above all, to be loved."

Penny, Founder

Giving a
little back

We believe businesses should be socially responsible. So for each product we sell, 10% of our profits is invested into our Happy + Co Farm in Cambodia. This provides much-needed jobs for the young men and women, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables for the whole community.

Our Happy Farm